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XAML Multi-binding for Windows Phone and Universal apps

Allow you to make multi-bindings on Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications (Silverlight as well as WinRT apps) similar to WPF multi-bindings.

<TextBlock FontSize="20" TextWrapping="Wrap" Foreground="Cyan">
       <mb:MultiBinding TargetProperty="Text" Converter="{StaticResource ConcatMultiConverter}">
          <mb:Binding Path="StringValue" />
          <mb:Binding Path="Text" ElementName="ConcatTextBox1"/>
          <mb:Binding Path="Text" ElementName="ConcatTextBox2" Converter="{StaticResource ToUpperCaseConverter}"/>
          <mb:Binding Path="ActualWidth" RelativeSource="{RelativeSource Self}" />

Current support :
  • simple binding (using explicit or implicit DataContext)
  • binding to another element in your page (ElementName)
  • bindings relative to the current control (RelativeSource=Self)
  • converters
  • converter parameters
  • converter culture

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